Commercial Banking

Managing the day-in and day-out demands of your business is never easy. At First Ipswich Bank our lending programs are designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. Our Commercial Banking experts can work with you to create a credit solution that meets your needs. We offer a straightforward application process and fast decisions on loans to help you get the funds you need quickly.

Term Loans

We realize that in order to grow your business, you will need to make occasional significant investments. With substantial capital from which to draw and more than 100 years of business lending experience, First Ipswich Bank can structure a loan that will work for you. And with final decision making capabilities, our Commercial Bankers can get you your loan quickly so you can focus on growth-not paperwork!

Lines of Credit

Sometimes a revolving line of credit makes more sense than a lump-sum loan, when deciding whether to purchase necessary items, pay for improvements, or manage cash flow. A First Ipswich Bank credit line allows you access to a revolving line of credit with flexible repayment terms and options.

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Business Banking Officers

Paul Simms
Senior Vice President
P. 978-356-8153
Maryanne Bland
Vice President
P. 978-356-8216
Lisa Brodeur
Vice President
P. 978-356-8168
George Georgenes
Vice President
P. 617-226-4486
David Haley
Vice President
James "Jay" Karamourtopoulos
Vice President
Adam Winn
Vice President